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Horizon 2020 Projects
H2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever
ERC Grants
Encouraging high quality research in Europe through competitive funding
Research Project Management
Coordination, administration and financial management
In the core of every research project resides a bright and innovative idea. It is a necessary condition to cross a Call for proposals and yet, not sufficient.
Efficient day-to-day admin management enables researchers and consortia to focus at the core project tasks. This usually leads to better research results.
Training is an excellent way to refine the experiences and expertise gained over time and to share it with our customers.

Boost up your grant applications and H2020 activity

Research Authorities & Grant Offices
Research Authorities & Grant Offices
Provide your researchers with professional support in their grant applications. They will appreciate it. You will be appreciated for that.
Small & Medium Innovative Companies
Small & Medium Innovative Companies
Dream big. Express your plans and realise them. Be proactive. Don't sit up and wait. Lead your way. It's never too late but better before anyone else does.
VP Research, Deans & Research Managers
VP Research, Deans & Research Managers
Streamline the research done by the scientists of your institute with better adaptation to the different funding schemes & opportunities. Give the most suitable tools to the right missions.
Universities & Research Institutes
Universities & Research Institutes
Increase your ranking. More funds means more research and better positions. This bring more grants. Research just gets better. Let us roll out a plan for that.

Projects & Clients

BeyondSeq Genomic diagnostics beyond the sequence
BeyondSeq develops a robust toolbox for integrated genetic and epigenetic profiling of single DNA molecules.
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MRG-GRammar Massive Reverse Genomics to Decipher Gene Regulatory Grammar
MRG-GRammar aims to devise an entirely new strategy for deciphering the regulatory rules of gene regulation.
Jisc Digital solutions for UK education and research
The UK higher education, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions.
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Consortia formation & partner search
Consortia formation & partner search
Creating fruitful and stable new partnerships is often regarded as a major hurdle. With our help in the process of creating your consortia, this could be turned into a clear advantage in the evaluation of your proposal.
Grant proposal writing
Gold standard
Grant proposal writing
We will give you a hand in drafting your proposal, in those parts that are essential for the completion of the proposal and yet are not proper science. This allows for the customer the freedom and ability to focus on the science and innovation, rather than administration.
ERC Consulting
ERC Consulting
The ERC grant is the most prestigious grant in Horizon 2020. It is unique in its characteristics, which distinguish it from other funding channels. Since the competition is extremely high, we will help you extract the essence of your research idea and turn it into a focused and clear ERC project proposal. In the process, we will guide you through the establishment, crystalization and presentation of your research idea.
Target matching
Free of charge
Target matching
Because it is so important, we perform feasibility checks and target matching (Call topic vs. project idea) with no commitment. Only if there is a good match between the proposal and the topic – we will be happy to give you full assistance in the path to realise your idea.
Project management
Track record
Project management
We perform the day-to-day admin management in a seamless way that enables the researchers and consortia to focus at the core tasks of research.
Training & coaching
Vast experience
Training & coaching
Training gives a consistent feedback resulting from extensive hands-on work in the trained areas. Thus, we provide useful information to different audiences such as research institutions management, research authorities and grants office personnel, as well as to scientists and researchers.
Admin & financial management
Admin & financial management
Combining all the knowledge together with well planning ahead of activities and resource and effort billing, we are able to maximize the financial benefit to the customer.

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